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Dive into a classic collegiate look with our Leather & Wool Varsity Jacket. Featuring a luxurious blend of rich leather sleeves and a soft woolen body, this jacket offers both unparalleled warmth and an unmistakably timeless style. The embroidered logos add a touch of elegance and distinction, capturing the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. With its ribbed cuffs and a snug fit, this jacket is a testament to vintage charm blended with modern finesse. Perfect for those cool evenings or spirited game nights, it’s more than just a jacket—it’s a statement. Elevate your wardrobe with this iconic piece.

333 Varsity Jacket

  • If your package has been confirmed via USPS delivered and you did not receive it you must file a claim with USPS as we are not responsible for lost or STOLEN packages. Once you file a claim with USPS the driver on your route will investigate to ensure it was not accidentally delivered to the wrong address which is the case majority of the time.

    We highly recommend that you select SIGNATURE REQUIRED if you have a history of missing packages that way a person at your address must sign and collect your package eliminating the possibility of it being stolen. If you decide to file a claim through PayPal your tracking number is automatically uploaded which will state that your package was indeed delivered.

    The only time that we will resend or refund an order is when tracking confirms that the package was lost/delayed DURING TRANSIT and not for any packages that states DELIVERED.


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